Renovations of the ‘Bhirbhanjan Hanuman Mandir’ located in Hanuman Gali of Mirzapur are being done by a Muslim class. He is also carrying the full expenditure. This type of example will not be found anywhere else. This is a true Gujarat. The country is burning in the fire of racism today. This news is like a beam of hope.

Childhood of Memon’s Family Passed in the same street

Moin Memon’s childhood has passed in Hanuman Galli of Mirzapur. He took the initiative to renovate the 500 year old temple here. He is self builder. When he saw that the Hanuman Mandir is constantly getting decrepited, not paying attention to his Renaissance, then he took himself a lead. Moin Memon had seen the grandeur of that temple in his childhood, now the disreputable condition was not seen from him. Then he proposed to the Temple Renovation in front of Priest (Rajesh Bhatt), which the priest accepted happily. Within a week, the renovation of the temple will be done.

Safforan painted tiles set in the temple

The grandeur of Hanuman temple returned, so the tiles of Safforan coloured have been installed in it. Regarding the temple, Moin Memon says that,Thousands of pilgrims come to this temple, I have seen their blessings fulfilled.Therefore my reverence grew on them.I have worked diligently in the temple. My grandfather’s childhood has passed here too, so the debt of this place is on me, which I have tried to bring in this way.