Music composers TRIO comes up with Valentine Mash Up to spread love in the hearts


Selected married couples from Vadodara with an idea to enliven their love lives

Music composers TRIO comes up with Valentine Mash Up this time to spread love in the hearts of selected married couples from Vadodara. The idea is to enliven their love lives which somehow lost in their daily busy routines after marriage. 14 selected heart warming songs put the icing on the cake as the couples greet each other on Valentine Day through this musical gift.

The young music directors Nikhil, Pranav and Shailesh known as TRIO released the unique love album “DIL MASHUP 2020” featuring 14 artists, 14 songs showing 14 different stories. With this song the musical Trio are introducing 14 couples and their love stories on this Valentine’s day to let everyone fall in love again with Dil mashup.

“We always try to do something special in every festival and this year plan this unique idea to involve 14 married couples from music field to convey the message of love in their own lyrical way. The couples faced the camera for the first time and we faced the scale issue initially. However we complete the shooting, editing and mixing in only seven days and launched the video just before Valentine’s day,” said Pranav from Trio.

The video shot in different areas of the city where the couples wishing each other the moment of love through songs in their own voices. The video has the compilation of old and new love songs based on the lives of the acting real life couples.

“The idea was there but the time is less to shoot and release the video before Valentine’s day. We complete the shooting in just one week and finally release the video before the Valentine’s day. The biggest challenge for the couples are facing the camera for the first time and now all are excited to see themselves romancing each other on screen. A very young DOP keval Pandya also joined us during the making of the video,” said Pranav.

The speciality of the video is word ‘Dil’ used in every song and composed in one rhythm. The songs are selected keeping in mind every age group and culture to ease the acting on screen. The video released on YouTube and other social media platforms to make the day special for the married couples and help them to find the same love which somehow lost between them after marriage.


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