It’s a horrific scene in Vadodara where police found a butchered body of a woman stuffed in two bags thrown inside an open field. The body of the female was cut into pieces and thrown in the field with legs and hands recovered separately. However the head and right hand was still missing and search is on to find the parts. The locals informed the police after the foul smell coming from the open field and the team after reaching shocked to find the body parts of a woman stuffed inside two bags.


The woman was murdered somewhere and her body pieces was disposed at the open ground. The police found injuries on the chest and the torso and left hand wrapped in bedsheet and plastic bag. The other parts were recovered from other bag thrown there.  However the head and right hand of the woman was not found from there at the spot and police teams with the help of forensic team and dog squad search for the missing remaining parts.


Police feels that the woman was murdered somewhere else and her body pieces were dumped by the accused here. The missing head and right hand was yet to recover by the police and they feel that the murderer tried to hide the identity of the victim and threw the head and right hand somewhere else.


“After the information we reached the spot and found the body parts stuffed inside the bags. The woman was brutally murdered and cut into pieces by the murderer to hide the identity of the victim. We are yet to find her head and right hand from the spot and search is on to recover the remaining parts. We feel that the accused threw the head, right hand somewhere else to hide her identity. The injuries on her chest also indicate the same thing,” said A.V. Parmar PI Bapod Police station.


The police is now investigating in different areas and forms teams to investigate in the matter and to know the identity of the victim which is still unknown. “We have the CCTV footage from nearby and trying to access the details from last two days to know about who threw the bags here as the murder happened about 24 hours ago. The accused tried to hide the identity of the victim by throwing her head and right hand somewhere else so we are now gathering the details of women missing from last 10 days. We are also waiting for parents and relatives of the victim to come forward and with the help of DNA trying to get the identity of the woman,” said Parmar.


Parmar also said that the victim might be from the city or adjoining areas as the accused don’t take risk to choose a long way to dispose the body as the smell spreads. He said the they feel that the victim might be a local and the accused always chose the shortest way to dispose the body in such cases. He further said that the Post Mortem report will come after two days and as per the FSL report the victim might be pregnant. But all is clear after the PM report and they now formed teams to search for the remaining parts and the identity of the victim in city and rural areas.


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