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MSU will soon equipped with Super Computer

MSU will soon equipped with Super Computer

Help in promote research and in depth knowledge to students

MSU Vadodara will now be equipped with Super Computer which will help strengthening the department and promote the research. The computer will be made available to the department in one and half months and benefit the students, researchers and nearby companies without having such infrastructure.

As per details given by Apurva Shah Head Computer Engineering department, the super computer will be given to them by Gujarat Council Science and Technology for carried out various academic related work in the university. MSU is one of the educational institute chosen by the government to provide the super Computer to boost the research and performance based learning.

He said Big Data, Machine learning, Internet of things learning are the future of computer field and the Super Computer will bring a big revolution in the field of research. The high performance computing facility will help the Post Graduate, Under Graduate and BE students in research based learning and also strengthen the department.

Apurva said the Super Computer will be beneficial in the fields of Seismic analysis, climate data projection, bio medical DNA analysis, big data analysis. It also helps the machine learning and image processing available in hours which earlier take months to give results.

It also will be beneficial for Bag research data and online data storage which help the students and researchers in future.

Apurva said the department can educate and help the nearby industries who can't afford such infrastructure. The computer is joined with others through LAN network and multiple people can request and work simultaneously at one time. We also plans to conduct seminars lectures and invite academic institutions to share the benefits of Super Computer and its use in future.

It is also worth mentioning that Dr Vijay Bhatkar the man behind making the first super computer of India is alumni of MSU Technology faculty.

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