Vigilance team of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda caught up a youth on suspicion from experimental school while he was taking pictures and video of girl students.

The team later called the company officials where he is working and after confirmation handover to them with a warning.

The principal of experimental school said that the accused was taking pictures and clips without permission. “The accused was taking pics and shoot the children of 4th standard when they are attending the physical education class.


More suspicious was that he took the address and phone numbers of the students. I immediately caught him up and while questioning he was unable to produce any  I card and the purpose of visit. I handover him to the vigilance team of the MSU,” said Shashikant Parmar Principal Experimental school.

The accused is native of Dhulia district and working in a private insurance company in Vadodara. The vigilance team called up the company officials and after cross verification handover him to them after a warning.

“The boy was having some forms which the company gave him for a survey. The only fault that he was doing it without taking any permission from the school authorities. We called the company officials and verify his details and after the confirmation handover him to them with a warning,” said P.P. Kanani Vigilance officer MSU Baroda.