Against cancellation of membership of the syndicate of M.S. University in Baroda Cricket Association, the All Gujarat Students Union protested by painting the symbol on the cabin of the BCA, located at the cricket ground at the D.N. hall ground. They threaten to intensify the agitation if the post is not given to the university.

The members of the union said, Sayajirao Gaekwad founded the M.S. university giving priority to the education. Similarly, Baroda Cricket Association was established to promote the game of cricket. However controversy has erupted over the rejection of syndicate member Manyak Patel by the Baroda Cricket Association as a member from the University. It is to be noted that the syndicate selected Mayank Patel and sent him as a member of the BCA.

On Saturday All Gujarat Students Union workers visited the D.N. Hall and opposed the BCA decision by painting the symbol on the BCA’s cabin placed near the ground. They threaten to intensity the agitation if the member position from the university is not accepted by the association.

University G.S. And AGSU leader Rakesh Punjabi said, Maharaja Sayajirao University was established by Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad to give chance to poor and middle class students to study. Similarly Baroda Cricket Association was established to promote the game and the university membership should be there in BCA.

But after the rejection of Syndicate member Mayank Patel it is the insult of university and the students.


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