MSU students and teachers to attempt World Record of classical dance during lockdown


Around 320 teachers and students will go live from six countries

Around 320 students and teachers of MSU Baroda will going to attempt a world record of Maximum People Performing Indian Classical Dance from Social distancing. The aim is to connect with everyone in this time of crisis and gives a positive message of dancing as a stress buster from Coronavirus.

The participants group consists of all present students and teachers and also students of the institutes of many past students of Department of dance, Faculty of Performing Arts, The Maharaja SayaiRao University. The participants are from 8 different countries (India, U.S, Canada, Australia, Shrilanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, as well as Dubai), also from more than 6 different states ( Gujarat, Maharashtra, Panjab, UP, West Bengal, Asam) of India.

The participants will be performing 2 major Indian classical dance styles which are Kathak and Bharataanatyam. On the same composition the students of Kathak will perform in Kathak style and the Bharatanatyam students will perform in Bharatnatyam style.

“During the lockdown period I see students complained about suffering from mental stress as they are not able to moving out and meet others. During that time I came through a composition written by RPSF (Railway Protection Special Force) Inspector Sharad Gupta and composed by Shivam Singh. The composition is about the positivity during the Coronavirus lockdown and that gives the idea about the performance,” said Dr. Smruti Vaghela coordinator and Assistant Professor Department of Dance MSU Baroda.

The Department of Dance is going to attempt for a World records India, by performing live on Face book for 10 minutes, on 13th May 2020 at 4.30 pm. “The students practiced in two dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak through online coaching for 10 to 12 days. Meanwhile we think about attempting the record as in our knowledge there is no such performance earlier ever. We approached the World Records India and they accept our request to attempt of creating the record Maximum People Performing Indian Classical Dance from Social distancing,” said Vaghela.

On 13th May 2020 the students and teachers will go live on their social media platforms from 4.30 pm for 10 minutes and present their dance. “The composition that we have chosen is written by Sharad Gupta Inspector in RPSF Mumbai. We have taken his permission for this performance and the music is composed by Shivam Singh- a 16 year old student of 3rd year Diploma( Dept of Vocal).

For Sharad Gupta it’s a happiest moment for him in life as finally he received the recognition for his creation through a beautiful performance. “Our area of working is very near to Dharavi in Mumbai and in between the stress, I pen down the poem based on Coronavirus and posted it on my Facebook account. However some anti people removed my name from the poem and shared it on social media platforms with different names including great Harivansh Rai Bachchan. It goes viral but hurts me as my name was removed. Meanwhile one 16 year old boy Shivam Singh from Vadodara creates a composition and posted on YouTube. I immediately connect him and he add my name to it. Now on May 13 around 320 students and teachers will be performing and attempting a world record on my creation is something special and close to my heart,” said Gupta.

The record will be dedicated to the MSU by the students and teachers. “The purpose of making this world record is to create positive environment through our dance and to give massage of lock down to the people. Also we would like to dedicate this performance to the corona warriors of the society, (Police, Healthcare workers, support staff etc). This World record we would like to dedicate to the great esteemed The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda and all stalwarts and past gurus of Department of dance,” said Vaghela.

Smruti Vaghela also added, We have got full support from our former HOD Prof. Jagdish Gangani and current HOD Prof. Ajay Ashtaputre as well as from HOD of all other Departments and syndicate senate members. They will put the clips and pics of the performance in their record for the students to study.


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