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MSU students accepts the Padman challenge

MSU students accepts the Padman challenge

Girl students from MSU Faculty of Journalism and communication accepts the Padman challenge of Akshay Kumar and posts their pictures with Sanitary pads. The students also performed skit to talk openly about the Sanitary pads in front of their male classmates.

Akshay Kumar starrer Padman is one of the eagerly awaiting film in recent times as it talks about one of the taboo subjects prevailed in our society. When it comes to periods and Sanitary pads the girls specially not openly talked about it and even hesitate to ask for the same at the medical stores. The film talks about the subject with a message for everyone.

In addition to the film Akshay Kumar starts a Padman challenge for everyone to post their pictures on social media holding the Sanitary pad. Many bollywood stars came forward and accepted the challenge and post their pictures with pads.

The students of MSU Faculty of Journalism and Communication also accepted the challenge and posted their pictures on social media platforms. Holding Sanitary pads in their hands they gives the message to everyone about periods which is not a taboo but a natural process. The girls students also describe it to their male classmates.

"We the students of Bachelors and Masters accept the Akshay Kumar Padman challenge and posted our pictures on social platforms. We want to give message to others that periods are natural and it's not about to ashamed of. We try to aware the students to talk freely about it also aware the people around you," said Rutvi Dattani.

Another student Mahima Singh said the film Padman surely bring change in the society to talk about on a subject. The process is natural and with this challenge we want to break the taboo which prevails in our society. We also want to download the movie and show it to the women of rural areas to aware them and not ashamed of asking for a pad at the store.

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