The Department of Russian Studies under the Faculty of Arts is poised to offer TWO very prestigious PROGRAMMES OF STUDIES at the Post Graduation levels.


An “MA RUSSIAN STUDIES” PROGRAMME under the MHRD-UGC’s National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), known as “e-PG Pathshala: Russian Studies” and “SWAYAM-MOOCs in Russian Studies”, on the official portal of the MHRD-Government of India “SWAYAM”.

These Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)* have been prepared during the last one and a half years under “e-PG Pathshala” through the nomination of Prof. Debal Dasgupta by the UGC Chairman as the Principal Investigator. The ‘e-courseware’ for the 16 Approved Papers of THREE CREDITS each, thus *prepared by Prof. Dasgupta, have been selected to be amongst the first to be offered by the MHRD, and as announced, online teaching will begin with 4 Courses from January 01, 2017.

The total grant awarded to Prof Dasgupta for “e-PG Pathshala” and “SWAYAM-MOOCs” in Russian Studies is *240 lakhs*. The courses will benefit not only the students of MA RUSSIAN from any Indian University, but also the Teachers of Russian Philology and other scholars, who may be interested in pursuing the same.

While the software for online management has been prepared by Microsoft, USA, the National Coordination and Overall Governance have been assigned to the UGC and the Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), Government of India.

An “MA RUSSIAN (MILITARY AVIATION)” PROGRAMME, in addition to “MA RUSSIAN (PHILOLOGY)” PROGRAMME for the Indian Air Force personnel and other services like the Indian Army and Indian Navy. This special Programme will follow all the rules and regulations of MS University from time to time and the students from the Armed Forces will attend the PHILOLOGY ORIENTED LECTURES along with other students at the MSU Department of Russian Studies and will also appear at all End-Semester Examinations along with other MA Students at the Faculty of Arts. The TECHNICAL AND CONFIDENTIAL COURSES will be conducted by the Indian Air-force at their Headquarters at New Delhi.

While the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts, at its annual meeting on TUESDAY, October 04, 2016 approved of both the Programmes, the matter is now to be placed before the SYNDICATE of the University for necessary approval and green signal. The members of the Faculty Board expressed great appreciation, the also treated the TWO PROPOSALS to be of great pride and privilege for the Department, the Faculty and the University. The courses for the IAF are proposed to be offered from the Academic Year: 2017-2018.



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