On 17th February the elections of Local Self Government is going to be held in Vadodara district and letters have been sent to the persons regarding election duty. A similar order was given to MSU professor where he was assigned the duty of a peon in the elections.

Chirayu Pandit was assigned the job of a peon in the election duty which creates a controversy. Presently he is Deputy Director of Communication Cell in the MSU and also a professor in Civil engineering department in the Polytechnic college. He received the order like others for the election duty in the upcoming elections but the role assigned to him was a shocker to him.


The order copy states his work in the election duty as of a peon which hurts him and he decides to write this to the commission.

“The mistake is a shocker to me and I personally feel that might be a computer mistake. I personally feel the election work is of responsibility and I personally will write to the commission to relieve me from this duty as I also is Deputy Director of Communication Cell in the MSU,” said Chirayu Pandit.


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