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MSU organised 3rd session of BBA Vartalaap

MSU organised 3rd session of BBA Vartalaap

Also celebrated traditional day inside the faculty.

MSU BBA Students' Association has celebrated its traditional day and organised its 3rd session of BBA Vartalaap.

MSU BBA Vartalaap is an open discussion session where the students of MSU BBA come together and have a lively discussion on current trending topics and social issues. This session is organised with the motive to enhance students' knowledge and broaden their perspective on a particular topic.

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On 16th February 2019, the 3rd session of Vartalaap was organised with the topic - "Solution for Terrorism". Here the students payed their tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in the recent tragic event of Pulwama and presented their ideology on what terrorism is and what India should deal with terrorism.

The students also discussed their ideas on how we as a citizen of Indian should do to be united in a same front against terrorism and should spread awareness and avoid distrust among the united society.

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