Police asked for the evidence officials need time till Wednesday.

MSU officials is yet to register the complaint against the two peons involved in the answer sheet scam unearthed recently. Police asked for the evidence from the officials but they asked for time till Wednesday.

Sayajigunj police in its official report mentioned about the scam unearthed on 9th of May where associate professor of Faculty of Arts gives the complaint against two peons Chirag Vadadara and Ankit Kanse. He mentioned that both of them stole 15 to 16 answer sheets from the office and put them back after the changes with the students.

Police in his report mentioned about calling university registrar to Sayajigunj police station with the evidence against the two accused. However they gives in written about providing the evidence till Wednesday after discussing with the officials. The university officials yet to file any police complaint in the matter.


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