Diwali is a festival of togetherness and celebrated with with family. However there are some people specially students who for some reason don’t go to their places to celebrate Diwali with their families. Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda took a initiative to give such students a family feeling by celebrating the festival with them.


This year the students coming from other countries, North East of India and other states celebrated the festival of lights with the MSU VC and other members. The students were invited to the University Guest House and the teachers including Vice Chancellor Parimal Vyas celebrate Diwali with them by having a get together and dinner with them. Around 140 students celebrate the festival and felt like they are with their family.


“Students from foreign countries, North East and other states coming to study here at MSU and during Diwali many of them stay here at the hostels. As there is holiday at the MSU the students feel lonely as all others are celebrating Diwali with their families. To make them feel at home we started the initiative from last year to celebrate the festival with them and this year also invited the students,” said Jigar Imandar Syndicate Member and Co Ordinator of the programme.

Last year 80 students were there and this year 140 students celebrate Diwali with the University officials. “We invite the students to the university guest house and celebrate the festival with them. Later we all had lunch and make them feel that they are not away from their families. The initiative is to make such students feel at home,” said Imandar.