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MSU hostel boys contribution in developing their surroundings

MSU hostel boys contribution in developing their surroundings

MSU boys hostel is always in news for wrong reasons for quite some time. But here is an example which inspire others to follow and put forward some good things about the hostel.

The Maharishi Arvind boys hostel is spreading positive message to the other halls by frequently participating in activities that leave a positive impact on society and environment. Their efforts help in facelift the hostel by utilising waste materials to their best use.

The warden Dr. Virendra Singh and hostel representative Shubham Patel involved in various activities and brought together all the hostel students to contribute in development of their surroundings.

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To start with the warden and the students turn their surrounding into a beautiful garden where they can relax and enjoy the time in between the nature. The hostel warden and students have been working on the backyard garden with a pledge of 365 plantations in 365 days and one can see the beautiful flowers and plants which attract anyone instantly.

Secondly they have converted the drainage into a beautiful pond having lotus inside at their backyard. The students made use of the old discarded objects like bicycles and painted them to make beautiful installations inside the garden.

There is also bird feeding bowls installed near the pond which help feed food and water to the birds.

The students also make sure to follow the concept of save electricity and issue guidelines to every student to switch off the lights whenever they go out. In case one forget to do so they forward the message in their whatsapp group to make them realise their mistake. As per Shubham Patel with this initiative they will be able to save electricity annually.

Other than this they donate clothes to the needy people on Christmas each year. They also celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in eco friendly way inside their hostel.

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