MSU girl won medals in national powerlifting championship


Need qualified trainer and support to compete in international tournament

Girls are now scaling new heights in every field and show their prowess in male dominated world. Be it education, business or sports they are showing their skills and move ahead in their careers with confidence.

Sports is one field which is considered to be male dominated, but the girls are slowly coming up and rubbing shoulders with their male competitors. Pooja Yadav a student of MSU (T.Y. honours) participated in National Powerlifting Championship and won two medals in different categories. She won gold medal in Bench press and bronze medal in Full powerlifting by lifting total of 195 kgs.

Organised by Indian Powerlifting Federation the championship was held in Jammu from 17th to 21st March 2021. Pooja took part in the Junior category and shows the girl power in this sport. She is now eyeing to compete in International event going to be held at the end of this year in California.

Originally from Haryana Pooja Yadav is born and brought up in Vadodara and always has a passion to become a wrestler. However her mother was against it but later she allowed her to move ahead in the field. “My mother was against my decision but later after I became a NCC cadet she agreed and support me in my game. I took part in district, state and then national championship and show everyone the real girl power,” said Pooja.

This is her first ever national championship and she won gold medal in Bench press and bronze medal in Full powerlifting by lifting total of 195 kgs in U 67 category. A total of 11 participants including three girls took part in the competition and Pooja Yadav is the only girl from Vadodara. The other two girls are from Ahmedabad.

She is a decorated NCC cadet and first one in her batch to do Nau Sainik Camp and RDC camp together. She is a self learner and do the training in gym taking expert guidance from seniors. However she needs a expert trainer in this game to train and compete in international tournaments.

After winning the championship at Jammu she is now eyeing to take part in International tournament going to be held in California later in this year. However lack of government support proves to be a major hurdle for her. “To compete in the championship I need 3.50 lakhs as expenses and lack of any government support and financers i don’t yet make any decision. I need financial support and good trainer to compete and surely will win medal for my country,” Said Pooja.

After powerlifting she now wants to move ahead in the game of weightlifting and for that she needs a qualified trainer. Her aim is to be a defence personnel and excel in the world of sports. She is the first sports person in her family and wants to be a role model for her cousins and all the girls.


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