Students enthusiastically vote for their favorite candidates between strict security deployment

The MSU Baroda students elections starting in peaceful environment on Wednesday where students enthusiastically vote for their favorite candidates. Strict police deployment is also kept inside the campus to avoid any untoward incident during the elections and counting thereafter.

As per final details total 42080 voters will vote throughout the day. Total number of
polling booths are 103 and Counting booths stands at 47. 39 Video cameras along with CCTV cameras almost in every faculty will keeping a watch on every activity during the polling and counting thereafter.

Since morning the students are allowed to enter inside the campus after strict I card checking. First year students are enthusiastic to vote for the first time in students college elections and choose their favorite leader. Polling booths staff inside strictly following the rules and allowing students to vote as per the guidelines. The whole campus turns into a election battlefield as the leaders and candidates are trying to woo the students for the final time before they go inside to vote.

The candidates are however seems worried as they didn’t get enough time to campaign due to heavy rains and floods in the city. The only way for campaigning is through social media and reach the voters. This time the contest between the association of NSUI Jai Ho and AGSG ABVP. The low voting ratio this time also on cards and that also send fear in the mind of candidates.

Seven candidates Saloni Mishra (present VP), Dhruvil Bhatia, Rakesh Jat, Rakesh Punjabi, Harshil Parekh and Montu Sakaria in contesting for the UGS post. While five candidates Hina Patidar, Prachi Barot, Kaksha Patel, Binal Thakor and Princy Patel are contesting for the VP post. For 22 FR post 99 candidates are contesting the elections this time.


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