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Mrs Bharulata Kamble, First Indian woman to hoist the Indian Flag in the Arctic Circle

Mrs Bharulata Kamble, First Indian woman to hoist the Indian Flag in the Arctic Circle

Based on her personal experience a Indian origin woman Bharulata Kamble went on a mission from UK to India to spread the message of Save Girls and save girls throughout 32 countries of the world.

The lawyer by profession Kamble also attempt world record of being the first woman in the world to undertake and complete solo car driving expedition through the Arctic circle. She done it without any backup team and crew support.


Bharulata began her solo car journey on 13th September 2016 from the United Kingdom to India via the Arctic Circle. She completed her first record on 28th September 2016 and became the first woman in the world to undertake and complete solo car driving expedition through the Arctic Circle. This expedition was without any back up team, crew or a back up vehicle. She gained instant stardom, by driving the longest distance of 2792 km through the Arctic Circle.

Upon reaching India she became the first woman driver ever in the world to complete a transcontinental and the Arctic Circle car journey alone, covering 32 countries and a an astonishing 32,000 km. She set a new record by becoming the first woman in the world to visit most countries in only 57 days (She entered India at the Moreh Check Post in the state of Manipur on 8th November 2016), covering distance of over 32,000 kilometres.


She drove through 9 mountain ranges, 3 major deserts and two continents. This includes 5,500 km of mountain driving reaching the altitude of 3,700-4000 metres above sea level, and driving 2,500 km through desert areas. This journey was recorded by the world record authorities. She drove on an average of 700 km a day, and 400 km a day in the mountainous areas. On certain days she drove around 1500 Km in a day and 20-22 hrs of nonstop driving in a day. She drove from Patna to Delhi l 100 km in one day non-stop, on her way to Delhi.

Through this challenge she spread the message of “Save girls, educate girls” and promoted women empowerment. "Since I born in Navsari district in Gujarat I went through such situations where the girls are not encouraged to educate. Since I saw in my childhood that girls are not encouraged for education so I make it my mission for life. After shifted to UK I first learned English and took up the challenge to become a lawyer. I was formerly with British government as Civil Servant and now take up the challenge to spread the message of girl education world wide," said Bharulata.


Bharulata is about to complete her journey from UK to India and excited about achieved the world record feat during her journey. "I met with an accident and for the next four years feared to go near to my vehicle. However after physiotherapy sessions and counselling I realised my goal and then venture out to achieve it. I thought when you want to spread some message the first thing is to prove yourself and that is why I chose the Arctic Circle a compete it in record time," said Bharulata.

About challenges Bharulata said that she was preparing for it quite sometime and want to complete it alone. "I first learned Mechanic course and also the first aid so that during my drive I can help myself. I turned my car into a full fledged room where one can find first aid kit, water, mechanic tools, beddings, food and other things. I want to complete my mission all alone and that is the challenge I took up," said Bharulata. She also added that crossing Russia Kirgistan and Torugat Pass was tough and also Inside China where she drove around 2500 kms in three days to cross the province.


Mrs Bharulata Kamble, a 43-year-old Indian origin woman, born in the Navsari district of Gujarat. She is a lawyer and former civil servant of the British Government. She is married to a surgeon (Urologist and Robotic Surgeon) of Maharashtrian origin. They are blessed with two children aged 11 and 9 years.

Her husband supported he cause and tracked her all the way through her journey. "I linked my mobile with the GPS tracker inside her car and every 15 minutes monitored her. I talked to her regularly and assure that she is fine. Before the expedition we take part in various short runs of 500 and 1000kms and then set go on this expedition," said Dr. Subodh Kamble.

Bharulata also said that when she entered India through Myanmar she also faced the heat of demonetisation but the people are helpful to her. She supported the cause as through this black money will come out.


Bharulata Kamble was personally welcomed by the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in India on her arrival to New Delhi, on completion of world record drive as solo woman driving through the Arctic Circle. She drove 32 countries, 32 thousand kilometres, 9 mountain ranges, 3 major deserts and 9 time zones.

On her arrival to New Delhi she received a glorious welcome at the Akshardam temple (world’s largest Hindu temple). The Maharashtra Information centre based in New Delhi also felicitated Bharulata on behalf of The Government of Maharashtra.

It would be worthwhile to mention that she managed to secure the support of Rt. Hon. David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK (when he was a prime minister), many peers from House of Lords, Members of The House of Commons, UK MPs, many British-Asian organisations, faith leaders and the general public in UK.

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