In a bizarre incident, the owner of a private bus has reportedly received an online challan of Rs 500 because his driver was not wearing a helmet.

Nirankar Singh, the owner of the bus said that challan was issued on September 11 and he got to know about the same when one of his employees checked it on Friday. The challan was issued under provisions of the new Motor Vehicles Act.

Noida based transporter said his son looks after the transport business and they have about 40-50 buses, which are engaged with schools and private companies in the city and Greater Noida.

He said that “Such mistakes raise questions on the working of Transport Department. My concern is that such a mistake reflects poorly on a responsible department and makes people wonder about the authenticity of other hundreds of challans being issued daily”.

Furthermore, Singh contended that if it was a seat-belt offence then the challan should have mentioned seat belt and not helmet. “If there is any error on our part, we will pay penalty for that, but it has to be genuine”.

The transported added that he will take up the matter with officials concerned and will approach the court of law if needed.

Officials said that the matter was being looked into and an error, if any, would be rectified. “The challan was issued by an official of the Transport Department and not the Noida traffic police.

They claimed that the same bus had been earlier penalized four times for seat-belt violation.


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