Wish to gift them as their token of respect

They show many important decisions like Surgical strike, Clean India Mission, washing feets of cleanliness workers and many others. Modi with his mother is also among one that can melt your heart. Indu Pandya said as a CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi changed the fortunes of artists like them and they consider him as their good luck charm. It’s because of him that the artists get work regularly and mark their presence in the world of art.

Indu and Kumkum Pandya draw many portraits of Narendra Modi in the past and also use their voting rights to choose him as their leader. Kumkum says she always vote for him and is confident of his win this time again. Both decide to gift the portraits to Narendra Modi as a token of respect after he take oath as Prime Minister of India once again after 23 May 2019.

“I can’t imagine anyone against Narendra Modi and he is always be my idol. As an artist I take the medium of art to draw his important decisions on canvas that change the fortunes of the country. We want to gift the portraits to Modi,” said Kumkum.


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