Mother and son took corona vaccine together at Kelanpur PHC


Said vaccine is the only protector and would tell everyone to get vaccinated

Mother son duo recieved the first dose corona vaccine on the same day at Kelanpur PHC and conveyed the message that it is the only protector for Covid 19. Nilesh Pandya a manager in GEB and his 84-year-old mother Nilaben were vaccinated together and gives a positive message to others.

Nilesh Pandya, 54, says the vaccine must be taken to protect public health and the health of his family. He have taken the first dose of the vaccine with his mother and are going to take the second dose as well. The vaccine is completely safe and has no side effects. Information is also given about the precautions to be taken after vaccination.

Nilaben Pandya says she had a little fear in her mind since morning before came to get the vaccine. But there is no problem after get vaccinated here. Now she would urge others to get vaccinated as well as to protect their own health.


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