Monica Dogra essays the lead character Peeplika in ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s thoughtful and ground-breaking upcoming show, ‘The Married Woman’. Peeplika is a firebrand who is everything a society does not want a woman to portray herself as. Carefree, impulsive, brave, and sexy. A free spirit, Peeplika loves without the boundaries of society or gender.

The video presents Peeplika as a vibrant artist who sings a different tune. The video portrays her perspective of looking at life, her conviction of safeguarding her individuality, and ushering Astha into her school of thought is worth witnessing. Her strong-willed opinions will leave viewers wondering about their perspective towards life.

The recently launched poignant poster of Peeplika gives another glimpse of her character – an artist, who paints the canvas and her own life with vibrant colors using strong and confident strokes of the paintbrush and liberating thoughts. The silhouette of Peeplika sketching on the canvas denotes her taking charge of her own life and shaping it the way she wants to.

The trailer of ‘The Married Woman’ has creatively showcased the diverse facets of Peeplika, who though, is a part of the society, is still so different from all of them.

‘The Married Woman’ is an urban, relationship drama about a married woman and her conditioning levied by society and her search to find herself. The show features Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra as the central characters and notable actors, including Imaad Shah, Ayesha Raza, Rahul Vohra, Divya Seth Shah, Nadira Babbar, and Suhaas Ahuja, among others.


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