National Safety Day 2021

Woman account holder demand compensation

Your money is no longer safe even in a bank locker. A case in Vadodara city has come to light where Rs 2.20 lakh being kept in the locker was eaten by termites. The incident happened at the Bank of Baroda’s Pratapnagar branch.

The woman account holder checked and whole incident came to light. When she went to collect the money in the locker she was shocked to find it eaten by the termites. The bank employees have also expressed suspicion about termite attack in other lockers.

Bank of Baroda branch is located in Apsara Skyline Commercial Complex in Pratapnagar area of ​​Vadodara city. In which locker facility is provided to the account holders. Rehanaben Qutbuddin Desarwala, a woman account holder of the bank, had deposited Rs 2.20 lakh in her locker No. 252. These included currency notes of Rs.5,10,100 and Rs.500. Rehnaben needed money so she went to the bank to get the money from the locker. However, as soon as she opened the bank locker, the scene in front of her eyes is enough to blow the senses. Her Rs 2.20 lakh in the locker was termite infested and was of no use.

The account holder woman complained to the bank employees. Although they said about unaware about termites in the locker room. The woman then complained in writing to the bank manager about the rupee being eaten by termites and demanded compensation before the bank manager.

As the woman lost Rs 2.20 lakh, the security arrangements of Bank of Baroda are now being questioned. There is also a demand for compensation to the account holder.


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