Modi’s Mantra for India and Israel, “I for I and I with I”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Israel on Monday for his three-day visit. He is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel, making it a historic trip.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met President Reuven Rivlin of Israel today. The Prime Minister thanked President Rivlin for the warm reception.

The leaders deliberated on several matters of India-Israel cooperation in host of sectors. President Rivlin described PM Modi as one of the greatest democratic leaders at present.

Recalling his visit to India in November 2016, President Rivlin said India was a strong nation with strong ideas and clear goals and tasks.

Prime Minister Modi said, “I for I is India for Israel, and I with I is India with Israel.”

The name of the two countries are from the I. I for India and I for Israel its means “India is for Israel and Israeli for India”.

PM Modi told the Israeli president that you came by breaking the protocol this is love for each and every Indians. He is overwhelmed with the welcome he received in Israel. At the same time, the Israeli president said that PM Modi is the big leader of the world’s largest democracy. He said that he will remember his visit to India. It is a historic day for friendship between the two countries.



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