Mock test and exams of MSU Baroda suspended after cyber attack on the exam portal


The mock test and exams of MSU Baroda was suspended after a cyber attack on the exam portal. Experts are working on to resolve the problem and the new dates will be declared soon by the administration.

In view of Corona Pandemic being online is the new way to connect. MSU Vadodara is also using the platforms to conduct webinars and lectures in such difficult times. The university launched a new MSU exam portal to conduct online exams and forward details to the students. However the portal comes under cyber attack.

Last night on Friday some professional hackers and agencies tried to hack the portal to access deta of students and teachers data. But they failed to succeed and unable to access any data.

The hackers tried to crash the portal more than once and the students found difficulty to log in for the mock test. Due to accessive load on site the students face problem of slow server during log in.

In such situation the university registrar suspend the mock test and exams starting from 5th August till further notice. The new dates will be declared soon. University technical expert foiled the data hacking attempt and a complaint is also given to cyber crime branch for further investigation.


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