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Mobile Library wheeling around to reach out to children at last mile locations

Mobile Library wheeling around to reach out to children at last mile locations

Deepak Foundation unique library programme crater to children from less privileged communities.

Books are considered to be the best companion and perfect source of information and knowledge for everyone. But not everyone has the privilege to read books which makes them away from reading habits and even goes to schools.

To reach such children Deepak Foundation has conceptualized a unique Mobile Library programme that caters to children of 6 to12 years age hailing from less privileged communities. The children comes from low educational outcomes and limited access to quality reading materials in rural, tribal and urban communities.

Libraries may not be always made of bricks and mortar, some also have wheels. The major goal of mobile library service is to improve the self- learning creativity, imagination, reading, narration and self-confidence level by enhancing access to books among the children in underserved and less privileged areas.

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Currently, the project is operational in rural areas of Nandesari, Gujarat, tribal areas around Roha in Maharashtra and urban slum communities in Hyderabad. Designed to create equitable access to the world of information through mobile library services, it also equips children with the necessary skills to make use of, understand and benefit from the library materials that are available to them.

The target group for the project is less privileged children studying in school and not. The programme aims at developing a culture of reading in communities and focuses on developing key competencies that are required to develop self-learning abilities and imbibe knowledge through various reading and storytelling activities.

This programme also hopes to address the issue of school dropouts by supporting children to sustain interest in academics and if needed restart their learning process irrespective of their age and gap in school.

On regular basis, storytelling activities are held in order to develop various competencies of members. The idea is to identify and support children who require specific help in developing their competencies. Monthly events are organized where parents are also invited and children get an opportunity to showcase their skills. The mobile library ensures to spread the joy of reading, increase access and exposure to technology, and instill the love of life-long learning.

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