Mobile court for divyangs in Vadodara to listen their complaints against local government


Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities put focus on accessibility Standards for them

D.N. Pandey Commissioner For Persons with Disabilities Gujarat, held a mobile court in Vadodara listening to the complaints submitted by persons with disabilities, their care takers and disability advocates. The complaints were mostly against the local authorities including VMC Town Planning Dept, VUDA Town Planning, Road and Building Department and Smart City Vadodara.

The court listen to the problems that disabled people face in Vadodara mainly it is practical exclusion from all public spaces. The complaints are mainly of inaccessibility for disabled persons specially in shops, Offices, railway and bus stations, government buildings, courts, swimming pools, auditorium and cinemas.

The commissioner listen to the complaints and give on the spot solutions and also guide the representatives of various departments to implement the facilities as per the law passed in 2016.

“Latest laws passed in 2016 under Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act makes it specifically illegal to plan, construct or modify any publicly used building without being made fully accessible to the divyangs. The law identified 21 types of such persons including physical and mental conditions. The act states to give equal opportunities in employment, education, health and others. However there are complaints specially about the  inaccessibility which they listen here and try to find the solution after listening to both the parties,” said Pandey.


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