1 Hitachi machine and 8 non-inherited boats seized after action taken with help of District Police and Anand District Office

The Vadodara office of the Department of Mines and Minerals has received frequent written and oral complaints of illegal excavation and transportation of plain sand minerals in the Mahi river bed in Savli taluka. Following this, the Vadodara team with the help of Bhadarwa police station of the district conducted a surprise raid and expedited the activity of unauthorized excavation.

The operation was successful with the successful use of drone technology. Giving information in this regard, geologist Nirav Barot said that the District Collector has also given guidelines from time to time to curb the growing activity of mineral theft and accordingly dealt with vigilantly.

Unauthorized excavation of sand minerals was speeded up during a raid carried out with the help of Bhadarwa police based on a drone inspection. A Hitachi machine was seized which is currently kept at the Subhanpura warehouse of the Vadodara office.

Mechanical boats and canoes were found to have run aground during the operation. So with the help of the Geological Survey of Anand District, 8 non-inherited boats were seized which are kept in the possession of the Anand Office.

Barot further said that lease holders involved in such unauthorized activities in the area in the past were also arrested and fined a large amount along with termination of lease. Apart from this, strict measures have been taken in the past to prevent mineral theft in Karjan and Vadodara talukas of the district.


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