Message of using Kesud flowers this Dhuleti

National Safety Day 2021

Dhuleti – the festival of colours is here already. Nowadays people are focusing on organic celebration of each festival. An ayurvedic college in Vadodara is spreading awareness about celebrating Dhuleti with Kesuda flowers.

The flower along with its bright orange colour and soothing fragrance is also considered to have many medicinal use and hence the students and faculties of the college distributed Kesuda flowers to people inside Kamatibaug.

Holi Dhuleti is one of the eagerly awaited festival and people make plans to celebrate in their own way. In such time when every person today is health conscious, the urge to use organic colours is on the rise.

In such a time, the ayurvedic college is spreading the message to use the Kesuda flowers in this Dhuleti which also has strong medicinal value. In the presence of MP Ranjan Bhatt the students and staff of the college distributed the flowers to the people and ask them to use these flowers to celebrate Dhuleti.


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