Vadodara BJP is currently pushing it’s best efforts ahead of the local body elections scheduled next month. For the last few days leaders and supporters from other parties are joining the party which gives an edge to it. In one such move over 100 members of transgender community joined the BJP and filled the form for the formation of the page committee.

Although the transgender community has received legal recognition, but they have not yet been given a place in society. The community is also not active in the political sphere. While the leaders of this society also need to come forward as people’s representatives and make efforts to get the right place.

On Wednesday Vadodara city BJP president Dr. Vijay Shah invited transgender people from Vadodara to join the BJP in the presence of transgender community leader and Rajpipla prince Manvendrasinh Gohil.

“It’s a start by Vadodara for the Transgender community and I feel that BJP government is sensitive and listen to our demands. It’s feel nice to be included in the political scenario.

If anyone from the community need to contest then they can get the ticket as they are also part of the society. If a representative from the community will represent at political and state level so that the pleas will be listen at the top,” said Gohil.

BJP city President Dr. Vijay Shah more than 100 from the transgender community joined the party and they welcome them all. They will be part of the page committee and we ensure that they can get all the benefits of state and central government.


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