Medicine laden tempo looted near Lamdapura village in Savli


Eight to ten accused robbed a medicine laden truck after beat the tempo driver near the company. The tempo was loaded with Corazon named medicine worth around three crore and was just out from the company near Lamdapura village in Savli Taluka.

As per the details Vikram Baria loaded his truck with 500 boxes of Corazon medicine for delivery in Ahmedabad. He loaded the truck from Rhenus Logistic company situated near Lamdapura village in Savli Taluka.

As soon as he went out from the company along with his truck eight to ten robbers stopped their tempo just in front of the medicine laden tempo like we see in bollywood films.  They then climbed up the truck and beat the driver and goed him with rope and threw him inside a near by field. The accused then decamped with the medicine laden tempo from the spot.

The accused then un loaded the truck near Sherpura village and kept the boxes inside their tempo and ran away from the spot leaving behind the tempo they looted. Meanwhile some one freed tempo driver Vikram Baria and he then went to Bhadarva police station and gives a complaint.

Bhadarva PSI J.K. Jhala registered the complaint and further investigating where the found the abadoned tempo near Sherpura village. The police is investigating to know the if the loot is a plan or real and start investigating in different angles.




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