Medical students silent rally in support of missing student Devkishen Ahir


Medical students of Vadodara took out a silent rally in Vadodara in support of the missing MBBS student Devkishen Ahir and request him to come back soon. They also give memorandum in this regard to collector and other officials to help them trace the student who went missing from his college from Sunday.

Devkishen Ahir an MBBS student from Gotri medical college went missing from Sunday left behind a note apologise his parents for taking the step. He put allegations on the college administration for intentionally failed him in the exams and that hurts him badly. According to his friends Devkishen went in depression and that might forced him to take such a step.

After four days of his missing the medical students of Gotri Medical College, Physiotherapy college, Homeopathy College and Baroda Medical college took out a silent rally in support of the missing student. They hold messages in support of Devkishen and extend their support to him. The parents of Devkishen along with Ahir samaj also joined the rally and request him to come back to them.

The silent rally starts from SSG hospital and reached collector office where they gives a memorandum requesting to help Devkishen return. They said the first priority is his safe return and then to look after the allegations he put against the college administration.


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