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Master Chef India judge Ranveer Brar visited Parul University

Master Chef India judge Ranveer Brar visited Parul University

Deliver talk on sustainability in the food ecosystem

“Being a chef is overrated! Being a chef doesn’t mean I’ve a better relationship with food than you" says Master Chef India judge Ranveer Brar who recently visited Vadodara based Parul University to deliver a talk on Sustainability in the food ecosystem as the guest speaker for PUTalks. The main highlights of his talk revolved around his Relationship with food and the Concept of mindfulness.

Right from Annaprashan to the first time a child sees his mother and grandmother cook in the kitchen, grocery shopping to weddings & langar and the first cooking experience to finally exploring the city, Ranveer mentioned that food remained a central aspect throughout all this. He urged everyone to recollect these stages in their lives as nothing can be a more personal experience than food due to the numerous senses stimulated by it.

Brar stirred a wave of nostalgia as he said, “The first time you make something as basic as tea or maggie, that joy of being able to create something consumable which you’ve just seen being created is unbeatable!".

Moving on, he enlightened a crowd of more than 600 students & faculties that India is the only country where people have all the three meals thrice, the first time when one thinks about it followed by when the individual actually eats it and lastly when that person describes that food to others. He also points out that today's generation are eating mindlessly, not mindfully, which is why 80% of diseases happen because of mindless eating.

The talk progressed towards how people demand for only specific varieties of rice and pulses, which leads to mono cropping. Under this pressure, the farmers grow crops which are not even suitable to that environment and which decreases the crop yield and becomes the reason behind mass farmer suicides.

Insisting on consumption of mixed grains, Ranveer said, “This is how we can change the world one meal at a time.” On being quizzed upon what will keep India’s food culture alive, he answered, “Curiosity and travel” and advised to stick to the traditional Indian methods and ingredients.

Ranveer Brar, also a food stylist mentioned that Reflection & Discovery is the major trend in the food industry at the moment which emphasizes on micro culture and micro cuisines. The talk was followed by a Demo cooking session where he taught the students to prepare Nachni and Kale Cappuccino as well as Barnyard Millet Khichdi Risotto from scratch.

Parul University’s students from the faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology prepared for Ranveer a self cooked meal during lunch time which show cased their culinary expertise.

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