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Markets in Vadodara buzzing once again after the 23 day mini lockdown

Markets in Vadodara buzzing once again after the 23 day mini lockdown

Government allowed them to open till 3 pm, traders demand extension of time

After the 23 day mini lockdown, markets in Vadodara are buzzing once again as the government allowed them to open till 3 pm as per recent guidelines. With the opening of shops and business the city once again comes to life. However the trader association demanded extension of time period.

The second wave of the Corona epidemic has claimed many lives and there are still more than 800 cases coming up every day. The government has continued to implement a partial lockdown to prevent the spread of transition which has been extended till May 26. However in view of the demand from traders, government has allowed them to open their shops from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and subject to strict implementation of Covid guidelines. As a result, from Friday morning onwards, the traders reached their places of business and markets are once again buzzing with people.

Since morning the city roads are buzzing with vehicles as markets are open after closed for nearly a month. While some traders expressed satisfaction with the government's decision to allow markets to remain open till 3 pm, some said that the real time of business is in evening and the point shall be considered. The traders also said people avoid coming out from their homes due to scorching heat and prefer to do shopping in the evening, so government shall consider and give permission to open shops till 7pm.

Notably, some businesses, including multiplex theaters and teaching classes, have not been exempted after the 23-day lockdown. They are also seeking to open their business. Fruit and Merchant Association secretary Bharat Chauhan said the government had provided oxygen to traders by allowing shops to open till 3 pm after a 23-day lockdown. But it is their demand to extend this time limit.

Paresh Parikh and Ramesh Patel, leaders of the Vadodara Trade Development Association, said the government has given permission to open shops from today till 3 pm., But it's the demand of traders that time should be extended till 8 pm. In addition, due to the lockdown, the condition of traders has become dire, hence they will then approach the government for relief in GST, income tax, corporation tax and others.

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