According to the sources a farmer living in Shuklapur Bhagar Village chewed snake’s head after snake bite him.

The state-run 108 ambulance service at Madhoganj community health centre received a call to rush to the nearby Shuklapur Bhagar village where a farmer had fallen unconscious, sources reported. When he was asked the reason behind it he said, “The snake bit me, so I held its head and chewed it off. It died,” Sonelal tells ANI. “Then I brought it back to the village. I tore off its head again.”

The doctor says he’s amazed the man survived even after biting the snake. The farmer, identified as Sonelal, reportedly chewed off and spit out the snake’s hood after it bit him. He was rushed to a nearby clinic after he was found unconscious in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi. However, the doctors treating him failed to find any bite marks on the farmer’s body, sources reported.

“He chewed off half of (the snake’s) head and yet was fine. I haven’t seen something like this in my lifetime,” a puzzled Dr Kumar told reporters.



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