Man attacked and killed father in law over domestic quarrel


 Mother in law shifted to hospital in critical condition

A man fatally attacked his in-laws in Vadodara as a result of quarrel with his wife. His father-in-law died on the spot in the attack and the mother-in-law was shifted to Sayaji Hospital in critical condition. Police have arrested the accused and further investigating in the matter.

Jaiprakash Suryakant Darji lives in Vishalnagar in Tarsali area along with his family. His daughter Bhumi was married to Mitul, who lives on Sunpharma Road, a year and a half ago. As Bhumi became pregnant the couple had frequent quarrels over matters. Fed up with this she came to her parents house three months ago and gave birth to a daughter.

After giving birth Bhumi did not go to her in laws house and her husband Mitul suspected his in laws for not sending. Meanwhile, Mitul went to his in laws house on Monday and had a heated argument with his in laws. In a fit of rage he stabbed his father-in-law multiple times and also inflict injuries on his mother in law after she intervened.

Jayaprakash Darji his father-in-law died on the spot with fatal injuries and his mother-in-law was rushed to hospital in critical condition. The screams of victims spread panic in the area as people rushed to the spot to check. No one dare to go near the accused son in law who still has knife in his hand. They called the police and they rushed to spot and arrest the killer. Further investigation is on in


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