Wearing a traditional designer outfit complete with Bindi, the stylish Malaika Arora was in Vadodara for a private function. She talks about being fond of Gujarati food and wish to work in a Gujarati film if the opportunity comes. However she clearly avoid personal questions during the interaction.


On her first ever visit to the cultural city the style icon was at her gorgeous best and wear a smile during the programme. She felicitates the young girls who are serving the society with different means. She congratulated the young girls for their achievements and pushed them to continue their good work.


On her first visit to Vadodara like every celebrity she also not hide her fondness of Gujarati food. “After land here at the airport I asked the organisers for Gujarati food like Dhokla, Thepla, Dal, Kadhi and others. But due to time limit I missed to taste the authentic Gujarati dishes but surely will have it on my next trip, said Malaika.


She said that Gujarat is always in her list of favorite places in India and although she visit Vadodara for first time but lots of her friends and relatives are living in Gujarat. “Lots of my friends and family members are living in Gujarat and the state is always have the influence,” said Malaika.

About Justin Bieber criticism she clears that she is not among the fan of the superstar performer but he is favorite among children. She added that her son is a big fan of Justin Bieber and she accompany him to the show.


Finally when asked about working ever in Gujarati film she said that whenever she get the opportunity she will love to work. “Gujarati culture, people, festivals everything is beautiful and I always love to be here. Gujarati people are everywhere even in bollywood and you can find the Influence almost in every bollywood movie. If a opportunity comes to me I will definitely work in Gujarati movie,” said Malaika.

Avoiding any personal questions she also not comment on the triple Talaq matter asked by some journalist and said that let the Supreme Court decide on it.



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