Based on prior information the Makarpura police in Vadodara raid a place near NH8 and arrested one with the truck loaded with foreign liquor. The arrested truck driver said the liquor consignment was called by Alpu Sindhi and he was given instructions to park his truck at the pre decided spot.

As per the details the police received a tip about Alpu Sindhi called a liquor consignment and cutting the share inside a open area behind Matruchaya hotel on NH 8. The Makarpura police team reached the spot and raid inside the scheduled place. They found the truck no. HR 73 A 5145 and arrested one Vijay Mokhra from there.

During primary investigation the accused said about the truck belongs to one Vinay Rawat from Haryana and he don’t know about the liquor inside as it was covered. But he said one Alpu Sindhi called the truck and he was instructed to park the vehicle near the hotel.

After checking the truck police found various brands of 20076 liquor bottles of 750 and 180ml, beer cans 4512 along with mobile and truck all total 52,82,900rs. Police arrested the driver and further investigating the case.


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