Vadodara is not only the cultural capital of Gujarat but also was the home of many well known personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During his RSS days PM Modi spent his days living here and taste Gujarati food in the decades old Maharashtra lodge. Today also the same old lodge serve the typical taste to the foodies.

PM Modi, Sam Pitroda and many others visit the 80 years old Maharashtrian lodge and taste the typical Gujarati food. Eight decades ago the restaurant serve the food in Bronze dishes for mere 25 paise. Till today the people visit the lodge to have the typical taste of food served here.Ketan Joshi presently manage the Maharashtra lodge said students from all across the country came here to study in the world famous MSU and to serve them the typical home made food the lodge was started. His grandfather Purushottam Das starts the lodge on 14th feb 1939 with six plates, bowls and glasses. At that time Gujarati Thali was served in 25 paise and his grandfather himself prepare the food.

So why the name is Maharashtra lodge? Answering the question he said they are Gujarati Brahmin and that time Gaekwadi rule was there. His grandfather is an astrologer and as per his counting they decide to name the lodge as per Leo sign and hence gives the name Maharashtra lodge. Among the two three lodges running at that time only their is still operational.He further said that his grandfather was against keeping a fridge inside the lodge as you can keep the left over food inside. Till today also they don’t have any fridge inside and they serve the left over food to the poor people. They also give food free of cost to any divyang or begger comes inside their lodge.

Feeling proud to serve food to many personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi he said it’s their privilege that many top shots visited their lodge in the past. PM Modi, Sam Pitroda, former Gujarat CM late Chimanbhai Patel, central minister late Sanat Mehta, former MP Jayaben Thakkar and many others taste Gujarati Thali here. Today the Thali cost 90rs but on an average 500 people visit here daily. Many regulars prefer to eat here as they have the taste on their tongue of the typical Gujarati food.Ketan Joshi a Mechanical engineer left his job in a private company and starting managing the lodge in 1989. He said their fourth generation his son is also ready to run the lodge. In 80 years time they start to serve Kathiyawadi food at the first floor and in the coming days they plan to open their second branch at O.P. road area.


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