Made in India Tejas becoming scary dream for enemies

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Made in India Tejas becoming scary dream for enemies

The Indian made fighter aircraft 'Tejas' successfully demonstrated the ability to burn their Bayed Visual Range (BVR) missile, air defeating the target through the Derby missile successfully on Friday. Air-to-Air missile has made a precise target on the monoureurble arial target in Chandipur's interim testing center (ITR) in radar-guided mode.

ITR's sensor detected targets and missiles. The purpose of this test was to assess the merger of derby with the systems present on Tejas and to verify its performance. These systems include avionics, fire control radars, launchers and missile weapon supply systems.

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The Missile was directed towards the target caught by the radar. All systems performed satisfactorily in this erratic test and the missile targeted the target directly and destroyed it completely.

Tejas can fly up to 50 thousand feet. In order to attack the enemy, there is a derby missile in Tejas, so modern laser guided bombs are mounted to hit the ground. If you talk about power, then Tejas is far ahead of the old MiG 21 and can compare it with Mirage 2000. This is much better than the JF-17s made by the joint ventures of China and Pakistan. The Tejas Flight Control System is tremendous. Tejas can fly at an altitude of 50 thousand feet.

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