On the occasion of Annual inspection of Vadodara Division on 13th Feb A K Gupta, GM Western Railway visited the Facade lighting site at Pratapnagar along with other officers from Headquarter. GM has applauded the good work done by the team of electrical engineers and announced a cash award of Rs.25000/.

The main features of this facade lighting are that it has  been provided at a very low initial cost of Rs 2.87 Lakhs only and the operating cost is only Rs.13.5 per hour as the entire facade and heritage lighting are highly energy efficient LED fixtures and consume approximately 2 units per hour and are robust in construction.

Western Railway has upgraded the facade of Pratapnagar Railway station by providing colour changing lights. Due to the reflection of these colour changing  lights, the facade of this station changes its colour in every four seconds in sixteen different shades of red, yellow, green, purple, orange & blue etc..

The lightings at the heritage garden provided opposite Pratapnagar station have been upgraded and same colour changing lights have been provided to highlight the Narrow Gauge Diesel Locomotive and Coaches kept in the garden. The ambience of the locality becomes very attractive after all these lights are switched ON in the evening time.


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