A love couple committed suicide at the border of Chansad village in Padra Taluka. The couple first drink poisonous liquid and then hanged themselves from the tree. Both of them have children.

As per the details Magan Rathodia from Khalipur village in Vadodara district work as labour and have three children. His elder daughter already get married in Khatamba village and the youngest Sumitra get married to Arjun Rathodia from Mohammadpura village in Dabhoi.

Having misunderstanding with her husband Sumitra live at father’s place for the last one year. Her 2 and half year old son is living with her husband. Sumitra had a affair with Bhaylal Vasava 35 from Vadodara.

The couple met frequently and wants to marry but both are married and having children which makes their wish tough. Keeping in mind the whole things they commit suicide without thinking about their children.

As per details Sumitra reached the pre decided spot without informing anyone at home along with Bhaylal Vasava. They both then went to the border of Chansad village and drink some poisonous liquid. Then both hanged themselves from the tree with the dupatta.

Maganbhai father of Sumitra get to know about the incident and reached the spot with others from his village. He shocked to see his daughter hanged herself along with a boy. Padra police also reached the spot and took custody of the bodies. They registered the case and further investigating.



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