Police arrested two along with the main accused

Love affair comes out as the main reason behind the daylight murder of Ravi Solanki in Mangleshwar Zampa road in Vadodara on Sunday. Police arrested his friend Krunal Solanki and during interrogation it was revealed that both are in love with two real sisters and Ravi wants to marry both which irked Krunal and he killed him.

On Sunday the whole area of Mangleshwar Zampa shocked to see the daylight murder of Ravi Solanki by his friend Krunal Solanki. He called Ravi out of his house and attacked him with swords and killed him. Police arrested the accused late in the night along with Kaushik Solanki for the murder and began their investigation.

Warasiya police PSI K.A. Gohil who is investigating the case said Ravi and Krunal Solanki are good friends and love two real sisters of the area. Ravi like the younger and Krunal is in love with the elder sister and both are aware about the girls.

Police further said that Ravi wants to marry both the girls and that becomes the reason of enimity between them. Both had quarrels on the same matter earlier but every time friends intervene and control the situation.

However frequent quarrels between them came to a sad end as Krunal killed Ravi in front of his house and fled from the spot. Warasiya police arrested Krunal late night on Sunday and process to get his remand for further investigation.