Look at this Japanese fans, saying ‘kabali’ dialouge in tamil

Video courtsey : Galatta Tamil youtube channel

National Safety Day 2021

God of southern film industry superstar Rajnikant’s much awaited movie is released today. The film’s first show was scheduled at 3 am in the morning. The Kabali fever seems to have gripped hardcore Rajnikanth fans in the State.

Joining the mood of film buffs across the country, a large number of employees including IT professionals have taken ‘sick leave’ on Friday, the day of Kabali’s release.

Not only this Rajni also have some fans in other countries. Look at this Japanese, a big fan of superstar Rajnikant who delivers a kabali’s dilouge in tamil !

‘Kabali’s story deals with the plight of migrant Indian community, specifically the Tamilians, who lived in Malaysia. About 30 years back in time, many of the Indian laborers working in Malaysia, used to work as drug traffickers and goons under Chinese mafia gangs.

One man, Kabaleeswaran alias Kabali, takes a stand for the betterment of his community. Himself a gang member working under gangster Sitaramaraj Kabali takes over the gang leadership on Sitaramaraj’s untimely death.


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