A dispute arose between the VMC team and locals who had gone to demolish the years-old Ganapati temple on the main road near the city’s Navapura Jayaratna building. Led by the area councilor, people sit near the temple and protested fiercely against the demolition. Locals hinted the result would not be good if the demolition takes place.

Balu Surve, local Congress councilor, said the Ganapati temple is located near the Jayarant building is 40 years old and symbolises the faith of many. This is not in the space owned by Corporation but the temple is built on land donated by Anyonya bank years ago. The temple was newly built but renovations are being done to remove the inconvenience caused to the people coming there. The temple is not even a hindrance to the main road, yet they are willing to compromise. But when it comes to demolishing the temple they strongly oppose it.

He further said that the temple is not in the corporation’s space and today the team arrived at the place with JCB to demolish the temple. They threaten for consequences if the corporation go ahead with the demolition.

Opposition leader Chandrakant Srivastava (Bhattu) also rushed to the spot after a controversy erupted over the demolition of a Ganapati temple near the Jayaratna building. He expressed resentment against the officials of the corporation who came to demolish the temple. He said, the temple is years old and is a symbol of faith of many people. This temple is not in the premises of the corporation and is in a private space. Only renovations are being done and someone misled the corporation about the temple. This has been resolved after discussing with the Municipal Commissioner. Therefore, this Ganapati temple will be in the same place as it is and will also be renovated.

The officials have to return after the protest by the locals against the demolition. At one point the authorities also had to face the wrath of the locals. But the controversy came to an end when local councilor Balu Surve, Leader of the Opposition Chandrakant Srivastava (Bhattu) arrived there.


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