Gives memorandum to the collector

The locals had submitted an application to the district collector seeking inclusion of Bhayali as well as TP 1 to 5 near Vadodara in Disturbed Areas Act. They also threat to boycott elections if their demands are not met.

The houses of the Mukhyamantri Awas Yojna is constructed in Bhayali and TP 1 to 5 areas near Vadodara have been allotted to the minorities. For the last 2 months, the authorities have been repeatedly asked to cancel the houses allotted to them by the residents of the area and to be included in the Disturbed Areas Act. As no action has been taken by the administration and as a result an application was handed over to the District Collector by the local residents with a demand to include the Bhayali area in the act.

A large number of local residents with posters and banners came to the Collectorate to hand over the application. Women from the Bhayali Women’s Wing also joined in tbe protest.

Hetalbhai Trivedi, a leader of the Bhayali area, said, “We want the Bhayali area to remain calm. But the houses allotted by the corporation to the minorities which might lead to possibility of law and order situation in the coming days. Hence they demand to include their area in the Disturbed Areas Act. If their demand is not met, they will boycott the next corporation election altogether.

Drishti Panchal and Mittal Patel said that peace in the area is likely to be disturbed in coming days as accommodation is allotted to minorities in their area. Adjacent to the side of their area is the Tandalja area which is an entire minority area, so they have to live in constant fear. They want their area to be included in the Disturbed Areas Act as soon as possible so that peace can prevail in their area. They threaten to boycott the elections in case their demands are not met.


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