Locals in Vadodara tapped mouth of crocodile with plastic tape


Later hold it to click photos and selfies.

A very strange matter came to light in Vadodara during the rescue of a crocodile in the Panigate area last night. The locals first tapped the mouth with plastic tape and later hold the crocodile to click photos and selfies.

As per the details the residents of Zafarshan Na Tekra at Panigate area were shocked to see a 4 foot long crocodile in the area. Without informing the wildlife volunteers and forest department they hold the crocodile and tapped the mouth with plastic tape. The whole thing was filmed in mobile phones by the people where one of them shouted not to tape the crocodile as it might proved fatal.

If that’s not enough the locals hold the crocodile and clicked photos and selfies without thinking about its well being. They later kept it in a place and informed the forest department which came later and took the crocodile along with them.

The incident shocked many wildlife activists as they demand strict action against such cruelty against the crocodile.