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Live Rescue - Old lady fight with crocodile for life

Live Rescue - Old lady fight with crocodile for life

In a daring live rescue youth from Goraj village near Waghodia saved a old lady from the jaws of crocodile. The crocodile caught hold of the lady while she was washing clothes nearby and dragged her inside. However she was later rescued by the youths and admitted her in the hospital. Some of the boys shoot the rescue in their mobiles showing the fight between the old lady and the crocodile.

The incident happened at Dev river passing from near Goraj village where 70 year old Jwaraben Lakshmanbhai Parmar was washing clothes. To her shock suddenly a crocodile surfaced and dragged her inside the river. However she fight with the crocodile to save herself from its powerful jaws and it shows the struggle for life.

Local youths rushed to the spot hearing her shouts but no one dared to went inside as the crocodile is trying to drag her inside and she fight to save herself. After sometime seeking a opportunity Kalubhai Dipabhai, Vinod Amratbhai, Ganpat Shankarbhai and other youths dared and kyo inside to save the old lady from the jaws of the crocodile. The whole rescue was captured in mobile by the youths showing the shocking fight and daring rescue for life.

The incident is not first and happened in the past many time where the women encountered such situations with crocodile.

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