The Laboratory Nursery School of the Department of Human Development Family Studies- Chetan Balwadi, Faculty of Family and Community Sciences, MSU Baroda celebrated a unique event ‘Joy of Sharing’.

3-6 year old children of Chetan Balwadi invited 18 children from a Local NGO- ‘Abhinav Sharda’ to join for the event. All the children (total 110) played games, enjoyed a story and music session and had lunch together. They also exchanged gifts and planted a Tree in the Chetan Balwadi playground.

It was a unique celebration and children learnt the importance of sharing.  Sharing is a vital life skill that children need for play and learning all throughout their childhood, and throughout life.

As a model early childhood education centre Chetan Balwadi aims to inculcate in children vital life skills they may hopefully carry into adulthood. The event was planned and executed by the staff members of Dept. of HDFS and Chetan Balwadi and the trainee students of P.G. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).


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