Liquid oxygen tank with storage capacity of 10.6 tons installed and commissioned at Gotri Hospital


Oxygen is crucial in the treatment of Coronavirus and the dedicated hospitals in Vadodara are taking every measures to ensure the uninterrupted supply of it.

 In view of that under the instructions of officer on special duty and the Secretary of Education, Dr. Vinod Rao, a liquid oxygen tank with a storage capacity of 10.67 tons / 13 thousand liters has been installed and commissioned in a short and record time of only 10 days.

This operation can usually take up to 30 to 45 days.  Dr. Rao expressed satisfaction that this liquid oxygen tank would permanently alleviate problems at Gotri Hospital.

He held a meeting at Gotri Hospital to review the situation in detail. The hospital currently has 100 advanced ventilators available out of which 65 are being used for patients and 35 ventilators are available. There is an arrangement of 575 covid beds out of which 335 patients are currently undergoing treatment and 240 beds are vacant. Most of the issues related to human resources and services have been resolved here.


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