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The Ultimate Checklist for a Road Trip in India

The Ultimate Checklist for a Road Trip in India

The Ultimate Checklist for a Road Trip in India

Are you an outdoorsy lover? Is your inner self calling for a road trip? Feels like you are getting a sensation of adrenaline rush…

If so, then it is time to hit the road. Experience the best of incredible India by planning a drive away from the hustles of a busy routine. There is nothing quite like exploring unexplored destinations with your favorite people.

The journey gets more thrilling when you have a complete assortment of necessities prepared to assist you along the trip. Here is a checklist of things you need to grab before rolling out for an epic road trip.

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1. Plan, Plan, and Plan

Whether you are going on a solo trip or group trip, planning is of utmost importance. Get your bike serviced and make sure you have your bike insurance and Riding without these two documents is punishable by law.

Moreover, having a bike insurance policy is rewarding as it will provide you protection against all liabilities occurring due to accidents, theft, fire, third party losses, and natural disasters.

If you are heading for a long trip, then better book your accommodation beforehand so that you don't end up landing in trouble later on.

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2. Check Route:

Before venturing out, make sure to research the place. Find out the best route to take, places to visit, and places to avoid, coming en route.

Also, gather information regarding the weather at the destination. Rather than completely relying on online maps, seek advice from locals as they will be able to guide you better. Be prepared with offline sources as well because your GPS or Google map may not work everywhere.

3. Food and Drink

Though you can find several cafes and restaurants along the way these days but is always better to stay on the safe side. Carry your water bottle as you never know when you might feel the need for one.

Apart from this, also carry some snacks to keep you energized throughout the trip. Having your own food and water will prevent you from eating unhygienic food.

Stuff your bag with some dry snacks such as biscuits, energy bars, and nuts. Also, pack some fruits as your healthy on-to-so snack option.

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4. Helpline Numbers

Don't forget to have a list of all emergency numbers. These will prove handy in case of emergencies. From your vehicle fails to medical assistance, helpline numbers will help you get out of any unforeseen circumstances.

Some important numbers you need to have:

  • Road helpline Number
  • Ambulance
  • Police

5. Cash

In India, it is difficult to find ATMs everywhere. Over it, not every shopkeeper may accept online payment. Even your online payment apps or credit/debit card may ditch you anytime. In such a situation, it is always handy to carry some cash. Ensure to keep the change as along the way you may cross several toll booths and having cash will help you make the process faster and convenient.

5. Must-Have Essentials

  • Here are some vital essentials to keep you prepared for unexpected on your road trip:
  • First aid kit: Carrying a first aid kit having bandages, antiseptic cream, basic medicines, and motion sickness tablets, etc. is always a smart option.
  • Puncture repair kit: Few extra tools and a puncture repair kit to fix minor issues will add to your handiness.
  • Hand sanitizer and liquid soap: From a hygiene point of view, it is advisable to carry your own hand sanitizer or liquid soap.
  • Face Towel: For wiping your hands or face, it is good to pack one hand towel.
  • Paper napkin: These are ideal for single-use and can be used for several purposes.
  • Mobile charger or power bank: To keep your family members aware of your whereabouts, keep your mobile phone charged.

Essential Documents: While on the trip, you may come across police checks points and if you happen to get caught without important documents you may be subjected to pay a hefty fine. So, if you don't want to spoil your road trip, be sure to carry all papers such as a driving license, vehicle registration, bike insurance, and PUC certificate. Depending upon your skill of driving and class of vehicle there are different types of driving license in India. So, ensure to carry the right license as per the category of your vehicle.

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Final Words

At last, remember to stay alert as in India encountering rule breakers is no surprise. Vehicles coming the wrong way, cutting lanes are a common scene here. But make sure you stay vigilant and abide by traffic rules. This will add fun to your journey and will offer you a memorable experience.

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